Stefanie Degenhartt

If you know your “why”, you don’t need to care about the “what” and the “how”.

If a team agrees on the matter, major goals are achieved; if there is no consensus, the team gets lost in trivialities, and in the end there is no success – for each individual and thus for the entire company. Companies that have understood how to communicate their “why” and hire the employees who share it, successfully shape their future.

That is why it is my mission to find the right employees for each company: Those who are inspired by a company’s “why” and who get up in the morning for the same reason.

MedTech, Life Science, IT, Sales, Marketing

Education as biological-technical assistant in Ludwigshafen/Rh, study of biology at the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, PhD at the Institute for Legal and Traffic Medicine. Freelance copywriter at a publishing service provider with projects at the publishing houses Springer and Bertelsmann. Many years of experience in product and project management as well as marketing and training in the fields of life sciences and medical technology.

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